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Bladzy Product Parts Finder

Bladzy Product Parts Finder

The Product Finder module from Bladzy will support your customers in searching for desirable items.

The Product Finder extension from Bladzy is a perfect advice-giver for your client in your web-store! This module will help you to configure a system of alternate steps and selections of the widgets. In this way, you will navigate your customer in the right direction and show all possible variants of item solutions, that fully satisfy a client's request.

The Product Finder extension is like a shop assistant, who will ask exact needed questions and lead your customer to the appropriate section in your web-store. Let's make your store more efficient and comfortable!

  • Advice Your Customers
  • Smart Search By Filters
  • Save Your Customers Time
  • Simplicity Of Module's Configurations
  • Easy Design Your Step Selections
Extension description

Advice Your Customers

To help your customer find their perfect product let them use a product finder! You can manage steps and step selections to guide your customers to the product that fits their needs. Make searching and filter for products for your customer fun! For example, let your customers first choose their gender, let them choose a category, model, color and size. Now your customer sees the product he is looking for! And only show the products that fit your customer's choice.



Smart Search By Filters

This extension gives you an opportunity to bring up customer service by your web-store to a higher level. With new filter navigation, your page will be smart and comfortable. Instead of the old search system, your customer will see an advanced concept of client support.

Save Your Customers Time

You know much better in which way your customer can find and buy a desirable item. Create a system of questions and widgets. In this way make the process of searching faster and more exactly with our extension.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



Simplicity Of Module's Configurations

We created a satisfying confrontational part of the Product Finder extension. Add and manage steps, selections, widgets that lead your client to desirable items without great effort. Decide what questions will be displayed on the page and in which order. Set it up in a short time.

Easy Design Your Step Selections

Product Finder layout is totally in your control. Let's be creative. Design your step selections in which way you want. Our extension allows you to be flexible in the creation of automatically advice-givers by your web-store. Keep the attention of your customers by your side.

Magento 2 module for productlabels

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Magento type Magento 2
More Information
Magento type Magento 2