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Bladzy Recommendations

Bladzy Recommendations

Make product recommendations easy by automatically preparing individual suggestions for each customer!

Suggest to the customer more salable/viewable products based on his interests, or suggest products that the customer usually bought/viewed together with the product is interesting for the customer. The extension will automatically prepare individual suggestions for each customer, so customers can find and buy interesting products very fast.

Increase sales with the Bladzy Recommendations module!

  • Increased Sales
  • Automate Recommended Products With Algorithm
  • Easy Configurations
  • Inspire Your Customers
  • Design Configuration
Extension description

Increased Sales

Increase your average checkout amount! With such inspired customers instead of one marketed item, you are able to sell more goods and multiply your profit margin. Your clients see all great combined items as a suggestion on the same page. In a few clicks, they can add these products to the cart so there is no need to spend a lot of time waiting for other sites.



Algorithms Automate Recommended Products

With specific algorithms, our Bladzy Recommendations Module will automatically show your customers which products can be used in perfect combination with the selected one.

Easy Configuration

We created a satisfying confrontational part of the Recommendations extension. Add and manage items, selections, widgets that lead your client to more desirable items without great effort. Decide what products will be displayed on the page and in which order. Set it up in a short time.



Inspire Your Customers

Show your customers that some items can be bought with some related products. This module gives you a hand in proving your customers that the best way to use the selected product is to use it in combination with some other items.

Design Configuration

Recommendations module layout is totally in your control. Let's be creative. Design a widget in which way you want. Our extension allows you to be flexible in the creation of product widgets by your web-store. Keep the attention of your customers by your side.


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Magento type Magento 2
More Information
Magento type Magento 2