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Bladzy Translate

Bladzy Translate

Translate extension for Magento 2 will give you as a supplier an opportunity to make your store more presentable and friendly to your customers. This module allows store owners to easily translate their storeview. To have a multi-language store view in a few clicks is not a long translation process anymore. Bladzy Translate does the work for you!

With this module, you can automatically translate products, categories, cms pages, cms blocks, Magento messages, and attributes.

Can you imagine, your website translated in all desirable languages?

In this way, your store will have more visitors and purchasers! Expand the borders of your influence and increase your sale amount!

Extension description

Have Full Control

You can do everything from the admin panel. It depends only on your choice which part, page on your web-store should be translated into which language. It is totally in your control what phrases and words will be used.



Automatically translate text and attributes

With our module you will fully automatically translate the information available on your website. You do not need to manually translate words and sentences. The module will do everything completely for you.

Translate CMS-blocks and pages

You can translate both individual website titles and entire pages. This feature gives you the ability to stay in complete control of the translation and be flexible in providing information to your customers.



Easy Configurations

In the configuration part of this module, you can set all possible combinations of variants. Choose languages and text parts which will be shown to your customers. It can be done in an easy way and doesn’t need professional IT-skills.

Boost Your Sales

All your clients from all over the world will have a possibility to read all information about products in their native language. They can see a translation in a few clicks. In such a way customers will be motivated to buy more products and you will increase your sales.

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