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Category Banners

Category Banners

Sell more with this extension that is a powerful tool for making your store look absolutely perfect and interesting for customers. 

With this promo banners instrument displaying new offers, best deals or any information that may keep clients coming back, again and again, is not a long and stressful strategical moment anymore. Don`t miss such a tempting opportunity to attract more and more customers with this flexible extension that fulfills all your dreams about the category block banners!



  • Build sales and profits with promotion banners.
  • Banner design is totally in your power.
  • Different promo blocks for different categories.
  • Ability to post more than one banner in the same section of the page.
  • Banners will be displayed for the categories you select.
Extension description

Make The Promotion Process A Pleasure

Don’t miss the boat to tie the goals and targets of your website to your efforts with this new Category Banners extension for Magento 2. Promotion is an integral part of the strategy the aim of which is to attract more clients and always keep them interested in the latest news and offers in the shop. Emphasize the most advantageous sales and advertise the best products as easy as pie.



Create Distinctive Promo Banners

Pay no heed to trivial small promotion banners somewhere in the corner of the page where they are rarely noticed anymore. Make sure your category promo banners draw the attention of your customers to the deals that deserve to be caught sight of. With this module applied, you will unquestionably find the best position to give prominence to your categories and products.

Flexible Position Options

We may assure you that position options provided in this extension will respond to all your views on advertising campaign banners and you will certainly find the location for banners to be eye-catching by choosing it from the list that offers various options: sidebar top/sidebar bottom/each product list page/first product page only/product list bottom/top and many more.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



Play With The Adjustable Layout

For such positions as ‘each product list page’ and ‘first product page only’ the module also offers some additional functionality such as the control over the size of the banner, which gives you a hand in building even more effective and fabulous promo banners. Think of the best location of the banner in the product list and its width(in columns), and form the banner that suits all the needs of your webstore.

The More - The Better?

In case you feel it would be fruitful to display two banners or even more of them in the same location, now you can configure that in a few clicks by providing each banner with its specific order number as it is shown in the example on the screenshot from the section where extension images are shown above! The first part you can place, for instance, in the first position with order 1 and 1 column wide, while the second one is also in the first position, but it has the order 2 and is 2 columns wide. Make use of options that are endless.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



Build Your Own Banners Style

While creating the banner, plan its design at first to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want as a result. You are not restricted to what to upload as the content: lists, pictures, and even tables. Whatever your heart desires in order to satisfy your needs and wishes.



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