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Face ID

Face ID

Engage more customers with this Magento 2 module for face authorization!

This module can help to boost your sales since its functionality perfectly suits the needs of merchants who take care of their customers. Start using cutting-edge technologies right now. Secure shopping has never been easier - learning all the credentials by heart is in the past. Now your clients just need to relax and wait for a second while their camera takes a snapshot during the authorization process.

  • Modern technologies
  • Fast registration
  • Fast authorization
  • Confidence security
  • Reliable face recognition algorithm used
  • Additional details about your customers
Extension description

Modern & Reliable Technologies

The module is based on the algorithm consisting of 4 simple steps - capture, extraction, comparison, matching. During the first stage, the system collects physical samples during a stated period of time, later the gathered data is used to create some templates with which, after the extraction, collected data will be compared, and then, in a few seconds, the module will be able to come up with the decision whether features of the person from the new photo match with the one saved in the profile or not.



Registration In The Blink Of An Eye

Creating a user account is fast and effortless. Clients just need to provide personal information, usually required during such a process. On the last step, they can enable snapshot authorization and then they have to choose what is better for them - uploading an image from their device or taking an immediate photo to save it in the profile(if the device they are currently using has the camera).

Fast & Secure Authorization

This photo will be compared with the snapshot taken while authorization, and if after comparing images and calculating the confidence level the module concludes that there is the same person on these photos, customers will successfully sign in. In case no images of people with matching features are found in the database and the customer isn’t authorized, he/she will be offered to make another snapshot and to try to sign in once more. With this module applied, clients will feel that you take care of the protection of their data while they enjoy shopping in your web store.



Fully In Your Power

All the details of the module are totally under your control and one of the most important things you should configure is the minimum face confidence level, the number between 0.01 and 0.99. What does this magic number mean? When the module is comparing whether people on the account photo and the taken snapshot while authorization are the same person, it calculates level of similarity of facial features and if this level is smaller than the one you set to be the minimum, the user will not be authorized and will be asked to take one more snapshot.

Highly Protected Accounts

Make sure that no matter how many times 'bad guys' try, they will never succeed in signing in if it is not their account, and to save the time of such people and resources of the web store, you can efficiently limit the number of attempts to sign in per hour.

Magento 2 module for face authorization



Details In Your Palm

Having access to the authorization log at your fingertips may be very useful since you can control some important details like name and email address of the customer signed in, date and time of authorization and also the level of confidence.

Get To Know Your Clients Better

What is more, you can even have a look at the snapshot that was taken while authorization and its detailed description - get to know the age, gender, emotions, and appearance of your customers - just configure what details you are interested in and use this information as an additional tool for knowing your clients better what will definitely help to understand their needs, tastes and preferences on a completely new level.

Magento 2 module for face authorization


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