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Navigation Sorting

Navigation Sorting

Bear fruit with this new module that offers you a wide range of opportunities to polish your web store up. 

Don`t hesitate and try out its’ functionality right now - make sure product sorting and navigation sorting have never been easier. Play with multifarious sorting methods provided for sorting of categories and filter options and choose the best ones for your business.



  • clients can easily sort products according to their needs
  • a great variety of sorting methods provided
  • individual sorting available
  • sort categories to improve the shopping experience of your clients
  • order shopping options as you wish
  • methods applying is simplicity itself
Extension description

Comfortable Shopping Environment

This module, based on the Product Sorting for Magento 2 module, will help you to upgrade your web store to a new level by improving find-ability and letting customers catch sight of the stuff they want from the product listing in less time. Sorting is a powerful tool that assists in ordering products in a way that meets the user’s interests and needs. Which in turn, will most probably increase the chance of the clients finding what they are looking for. With this module they will never get bored carefully analyzing dates of publishing, calculating formulas to find the cheapest product or counting the number of comments and feedback - they can do all this stuff in the blink of an eye!



The Successful Sorting Strategy

Sorting can be applied even more effectively by creating a user with your own front end filter options that you want to offer your clients. The list of methods provided will please you with its variety and number of choices offered. Boost your business success by leaving trivial sorting options like size, price, name in the past - configure special rules regarding your particular business in a few clicks.

However, you should also try building a successful sorting strategy not only from the front end side. Go straight to the back-end and create rules that your customers will always be offered to review best sellers, most viewed products or products with the biggest quantity available in stock first. Try them all and see with your own eyes that options are endless.



Sort Menu Categories Effectively

This extended version of Product Sorting module presents functionality to sort categories in the menu and display them ordered according to various criteria provided in the list of special sorting methods like “Bestsellers by price”, “Bestsellers by price margin”, “Bestsellers by quantity”, “Views”, “Wishes”.

The Pleasant Bonus Functionality

Don’t miss the chance to broaden your selling horizons by promoting some of the categories. Think of what you would like your customers to pay more attention first, apply sorting methods for those categories, and voila - products will be definitely paid attention they deserve. Now, you can also sort shopping options that bring the most popular or important filter options to the top - it’s totally under your control in what order they will be shown to your clients - sorted by views, wishes, best sellers by price, price margin or quantity.



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Magento type Magento 2