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Product labels

Product labels

Sell more by highlighting special products and promotions.

Whether you organize a big sale, added a new productrange or offer a special promotion, you want get your message across. This module allows you to do so. By adding labels to products. Quick and easy. Using a large variety of conditions.


  • Upload custom labels or use css

  • Set different labels for productpage and categorypage

  • Set labels for pricerules

  • Schedule labels by pre setting dates

  • Extensive set of conditions to control visibility

  • Show different labels for different customergroups

Extension description

Getting in control of your communication

You are looking for ways to give your products the extra attention they deserve. Productlabels for Magento 2 allows you to add marketing labels to enhance your communication. Easy, quick and flexible.
There is a way to be in full control. And it’s a fast way too.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



1. Flexibility allows uploading your own label or to use CSS

It’s totally up to you! An image label is simply to be uploaded in jpeg, gif or png. Optionally the base, small, thumbnail or swatch image from an existing product can be set as label image. Additional text can be included in your uploaded image, but can also be inherited from any selected attribute. Label width, height and size are easily adjusted. If required label color can be set using Hex Color Code. Our built in CSS functionality allows advanced users to be as creative as they wish.

2. Easily set and finetune labels position and be sure all looks good

Use one of the nine pre set positions to place your label on the canvas just with a single mouseclick. Still not completely happy? Just finetune its position by moving it horizontally and or vertically as much as you like.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



3. Have full control and manage productpage and category page seperately

In many cases a label which is used on a productpage does not look so good on a categorypage due to the available space in the canvas. Also situations occur in which you just want to show another label on the productpage than on the categorypage. Whatever your reason may be, productlabels for Magento 2 allows you to be flexible and manage both pages completely independent from eachother..

4. No more outdated actions online thanks to date ranges!

If you plan a promotion or an action for a specific time-period you want to make sure your communication is in line with the period. Our date range functionality allows you to simply set start and end date of your making sure you are in full control.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



5. Empower your price rules by relating them to productlabels

Communicating a catalog pricerule is now easier then ever. Simply set up your pricerule and set it as a condition to show the perfect label making sure you make the most out of your promotion.

6. Flexible conditions allow you to be in full control

Whether you want to keep it easy or make it complex it's all up to you. Our extensive conditions functionality allows you to be in full control. Simply add one condition or a variety of conditions using one or as many atributes as you like.

Magento 2 module for productlabels



7. Showing different labels to different customers is a piece of cake

Do you want to offer your most loyal customers something different then your new visitors? Productlabels module for Magento 2 allows you to distinguish between customer groups in the blink of an eye.

8. Use stocklevels to manage your labels visibility and avoid disappointed customers

You don't want to disappoint your customers by communicating actions or promotions which do not apply to them. In case some varations get sold out for example. Our stock threshold functionality allows you to manage visibility based on stock status.

You can simply choose to stop showing a label when it gets out of stock. Need even more control? Simply set stock status min / max in our Magento 2 module to manage your labels visibility in even more detail.

Magento 2 module for productlabels





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