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Price Alert - Stock Alert

Price Alert - Stock Alert

Buy low, sell high by keeping your customers updated about price drops, and ‘in stock again’ products. 

Let your customers immediately know when their favorite products are in stock again or when the price has been reduced. Configure reminders just in a few clicks by providing all the necessary data such as allowed hours to send alerts, antispam amount of reminders per hour, decide upon the layout and finish with the email settings so that email reminders you send are the most profitable ever.

  • Allows adding price and stock alerts.
  • The time when alerts can be sent can be configured.
  • Possibility to set the expiration period of reminders.
  • Alerts can be displayed both inline and on the list.
  • Additional products can be sent in the email with alerts.
  • Displays the number of products left in stock.
  • Increases customer retention.
  • Keeps clients informed automatically when products are in stock again or when the price has been reduced.
  • Clients can have a look at their ‘in stock again’ notifications.
  • Customers can easily overview their price alerts.
Extension description

Customers, Come Back!

Recent research shows that more and more companies start paying more attention to improving customer retention instead of concentrating mainly on customer acquisition that requires way more resources and time. While working with customers who already tried your service and products you don’t need to burn the candle at both ends to come up with new ideas and plans about how to attract new clients.



A Powerful Retention Tool

One of the best techniques to increase customer retention is for sure keeping them updated about changes regarding their preferred products - when the price is dropped and when they are back in stock in the required size and color. In case chosen by clients color or size (for example, XS-size blue T-shirt) of the product they want to buy is temporarily out of stock, with this module enabled they will immediately know it from the red line crossing the desired characteristic of the item. With this module, you can in a few clicks enable ‘in stock’ and ‘price drop’ notifications, and after a couple of simple configuration, steps ensure your customers once more that they were right to choose your web store for having comfortable shopping.

Fast Subscription To Alerts

When clients find interesting products, near all the details of the item on the right they can also see where to subscribe to get notifications. If they want to get information when the product becomes cheaper, near the price they will see where to click to get reminded when price changes. Subscription to ‘in stock’ alert can be done by clicking on the relevant button. When customers click to subscribe to notifications, there will appear the form with an automatically chosen size and color according to what clients wanted to buy, but they can be easily modified by choosing the appropriate data from the dropdown lists.

Magento 2 module for price and stock alert



Customize The Design Effortlessly

If you are not sure what layout is better - inline form or not - just try both of them and decide which design suits your web store more. With the inline forms, you let your customers skip filling the form as all they need to provide is their email address - size and color are already chosen by them! While planning the layout, you can think not only about how to display reminder forms - inline or not, but also enable price and ‘in stock’ alerts for Magento configurable products.

Keep Clients Informed

After filling all the necessary data, not regarding the layout you configured, customers will receive letters on their emails which will notify that to activate price or ‘in stock’ status change notifications, they need to follow the link which will take them back to the web store acquiring successful reminders subscription.

Magento 2 module for price and stock alert



Configuration On A Plate

While configuring the module, you can plan all the tiniest details so that reminders become a strong tool in increasing your customer retention. First of all, you should think of a time when reminders can be sent to your clients not to disturb them at an inconvenient time. One of the truly important details is antispam protection, and with this module, you can set the maximum amount of reminders that can be sent per hour, when notifications expire and whether you want to remove them after expiration or not.

Also, don’t forget to think about the ability of non-activated email addresses to receive reminders. You may find it useful that when they are less or equal amount of products to the number you set in Stock Configuration Details, there will appear a notification, text of which you can easily modify to make it exactly the one that you think will for sure make customers hurry up and buy the product before it’s too late and the item is out of stock. Finally, choose the email from which to send reminders, choose templates for price and ‘in stock’ notifications, and here you are - the module is successfully configured and the shopping environment in your web store has become even more customer-friendly and comfortable with the price and stock alerts!

Magento 2 module for price and stock alerts


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