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Product Blocks

Product Blocks

Allows product blocks to display on any location of the site

Boost your sales with this module where you can organize your products into blocks that highlight truly important products or deals. With the help of this extension, you can configure blocks of products as easy as pie. All you need to do is choose categories from which to take products to be displayed in blocks.

  • Products can be easily organized into blocks.
  • Ability to place the block wherever you want.
  • Not a problem to display two or more blocks in the same position - tabs will give a hand in this.
  • Goods can be additionally sorted in blocks.
  • A great variety of sorting methods provided.
  • Ability to apply individual sorting for each customer.
  • Blocks can be effortlessly customized with your CSS styles.
  • Manageable visible amount of items in blocks.
Extension description

Find The Right Spot For The Block

With this extension, blocks are not restricted to the same page position anymore! Here you can play with various locations on the page to find the one that for sure will be eye-catching and highlight your products from different categories.

Horizontal or vertical, on top of the page or in the bottom - we hope that you will find something that fulfills all your plans and dreams about product blocks with this list of multifarious page locations consisting of the following variants: before/after content, in the footer, before/after content/in the footer/before product/after product on PDP, before content/after content/in the footer/before sidebar/after sidebar on the category page and even more.



Post As Many Blocks As You Wish

In case you feel it would better to display two or more product blocks, you won`t need to spend hours trying to decide which one is more important and catchy. Here is where tabs come into play and enable you with the ability to show as many blocks as you want to be displayed in different tabs with given names and specified order.

In this module, the design and structure of product blocks are totally under your control and you don’t have to settle for standard options - now you are free to choose how many products to display in one tab. For example, if you want to show 3 products, but there are more of them, you can enable scrolling, but if there are fewer products in the category than the minimum amount necessary for the block, the block will not be displayed.

Magento 2 module for product blocks



Upgrade Blocks With Sorting

Sorting is a powerful tool that assists in ordering products in a way that meets the user’s interests and needs. Which in turn, will most probably increase the chance of the clients finding what they are looking for. Together with the Product Blocks for Magento 2 extension, this module will help you to improve findability and let customers catch sight of the stuff they want in less time.

If you think it would be handy to apply a sort to product blocks, we hope that in this extension you will find sorting methods even for the most persnickety buyers. Here is the list of a few: product name, price, special price(from/to date), color, image/small image/thumbnail label, manufacturer’s suggested retail, display actual price, tax class, dynamic price/weight, size, price view

Magento 2 module for productl blocks



Make sorting even more effective by providing your customers with your own front end filter options that you want to offer. By configuring special rules regarding your business you can make sure that along with the usual sorting methods dealing with the size, price, name, your clients will never get bored because they can also apply some specific sorting options that do business in your particular sphere!

By adding some default sorting methods you can be certain that products in categories will be sorted exactly the way you want in the specified order.

Magento 2 module for product blocks



Personalized Sorting

One of the advantages of the module is that you can enable individual sorting for customers which means that when they are authorized, products will be sorted according to their previous shopping experience and preferences.

Flexible Design

Finally, you should not forget that you can efficiently use successfully configured product blocks as an additional promoting tool - add a few CSS styles, catchy descriptions before and after products, and get ready to bear fruit with the upgraded version of the web store.

Magento 2 module for product blocks


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