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Style Search

Boost your sales with this module that makes shopping a true pleasure for your customers.

With this extension applied, your webshop provides clients with some very profitable functionality that allows to engage shoppers to buy more and more stuff according to their interests and preferences! Once they get interested in one product, the module automatically analyses it and offers similar items so that customers can easily choose between alike goods or even buy a few of them, why not?

  • Search for products with the same style

  • Efficient data mining algorithm used

  • Search on similar images without scanning all the content

  • You can add additional search tags to your content, good for SEO

  • More comfortable alternative to the keywords search

  • Easy for customers to modify and filter search results

Extension description

Fuel the interest of your customers in more products according to their interests

When customers visit your webshop and find the product of their dreams, they may find it useful that they can immediately have a look on similar items and buy even more amazing things not wasting their time looking for identical products. What should they do for it? Just click here.



The key of successful work of the module is that it uses the reliable data mining algorithm that assists in similar image search. When customers discover something interesting for them, the algorithm carefully analyzes the picture of the product and generates the set of tags depicting some characteristics of the item. Later these tags are saved and used to find images with similar tags.

Same style search

One of the biggest advantages is that with this module applied your customers will be able to look for products of the same style. Just in the blink of an eye they will be offered a few more products according to their search to make forming of their unique style easier and more comfortable.



Customers will for sure appreciate your efforts to make the web shop more convenient for them by providing the opportunity to skip looking through all the content to find similar images, only one click - and clothes of the same style are ready to be noticed, reviewed and bought.

Comfortable alternative to the keywords search

Image search is way easier than search with thinking what words to write in order to find exactly what you want. Applying of this module effectively removes the need for a user to guess at keywords that may or may not return a correct result.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "search"



When clients decide to find similar products, they can see tags that were generated by the algorithm and they can easily remove few tags to modify search to find something alike satisfying all their needs taking into consideration what they want to be different from the product currently being reviewed.

Customers can effortlessly modify and filter search results

For example, when customers want to buy pants, they may find something that looks a bit like what they want, but they don’t want pants to be Jeans, they can easily remove such tag by clicking on it and as a result, they will see different products more close to their desire and this undoubtedly makes shopping in your store a good experience for them.



Configuration is simplicity itself and with the detailed step-by-step instruction you will be able to set up all the tiniest features from deciding what pictures to use for similar images search (base, small, thumbnail, swatch) to controlling the number of tags generated and acceptable similarity rate for products to be shown.

Moreover, you can use this module as a successful tool for promoting some of your categories by making sure products from them will be shown in the first place while search on clothes of similar style.



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