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Product Page Improvement

Magento 2  Product Page Improvement

The product page is where you sell the product.  So, the more informative and user-friendly a product page is, the higher conversion you get. We’ve created a number of Magento 2 product page extensions to turn your pages into effective pages that drive sales. 

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  1. Bladzy Recommendations

    Make product recommendations easy by automatically preparing individual suggestions for each customer!

    Suggest to the customer more salable/viewable products based on his interests, or suggest products that the customer usually bought/viewed together with the product is interesting for the customer. The extension will automatically prepare individual suggestions for each customer, so customers can find and buy interesting products very fast.

    Increase sales with the Bladzy Recommendations module!

  2. AI-Upsell & Cross Sell

    Make your customers interested in buying more of your products

    The Upsell extension from Bladzy allows you to add special blocks with products on the product page. You can decide which information will be included in the product card and what it will look like for your customers. The Upsell layout is totally in your control!

  3. Bladzy Productset

    Present articles that can be perfectly combined with each other in one picture.

    Product Set extension from Bladzy is the first and most innovative extension of it's kind. With the help of the Product Set module, generate and arrange sets of products. Manage it in a few minutes because of the effortless configuration. Present articles that can be perfectly combined with each other in one picture. Show your customers the best combinations and allow them to buy not only one product but also a uniting set.

  4. Price Alert - Stock Alert

    Buy low, sell high by keeping your customers updated about price drops, and ‘in stock again’ products. 

    Let your customers immediately know when their favorite products are in stock again or when the price has been reduced. Configure reminders just in a few clicks by providing all the necessary data such as allowed hours to send alerts, antispam amount of reminders per hour, decide upon the layout and finish with the email settings so that email reminders you send are the most profitable ever.

  5. Product labels

    Sell more by highlighting special products and promotions.

    Whether you organize a big sale, added a new productrange or offer a special promotion, you want get your message across. This module allows you to do so. By adding labels to products. Quick and easy. Using a large variety of conditions.


    • Upload custom labels or use css

    • Set different labels for productpage and categorypage

    • Set labels for pricerules

    • Schedule labels by pre setting dates

    • Extensive set of conditions to control visibility

    • Show different labels for different customergroups


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