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Magento 2  AI-Extensions

Bladzy is the first in the market to introduces Magento 2 extensions which make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence helps online companies move away from traditional rules-based tools to self-learning strategic solutions.

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  1. Bladzy Recommendations

    Make product recommendations easy by automatically preparing individual suggestions for each customer!

    Suggest to the customer more salable/viewable products based on his interests, or suggest products that the customer usually bought/viewed together with the product is interesting for the customer. The extension will automatically prepare individual suggestions for each customer, so customers can find and buy interesting products very fast.

    Increase sales with the Bladzy Recommendations module!

  2. Bladzy Translate

    Translate extension for Magento 2 will give you as a supplier an opportunity to make your store more presentable and friendly to your customers. This module allows store owners to easily translate their storeview. To have a multi-language store view in a few clicks is not a long translation process anymore. Bladzy Translate does the work for you!

    With this module, you can automatically translate products, categories, cms pages, cms blocks, Magento messages, and attributes.

    Can you imagine, your website translated in all desirable languages?

    In this way, your store will have more visitors and purchasers! Expand the borders of your influence and increase your sale amount!

  3. Style Search

    Boost your sales with this module that makes shopping a true pleasure for your customers.

    With this extension applied, your webshop provides clients with some very profitable functionality that allows to engage shoppers to buy more and more stuff according to their interests and preferences! Once they get interested in one product, the module automatically analyses it and offers similar items so that customers can easily choose between alike goods or even buy a few of them, why not?

  4. Product Blocks

    Allows product blocks to display on any location of the site

    Boost your sales with this module where you can organize your products into blocks that highlight truly important products or deals. With the help of this extension, you can configure blocks of products as easy as pie. All you need to do is choose categories from which to take products to be displayed in blocks.

  5. Navigation Sorting

    Bear fruit with this new module that offers you a wide range of opportunities to polish your web store up. 

    Don`t hesitate and try out its’ functionality right now - make sure product sorting and navigation sorting have never been easier. Play with multifarious sorting methods provided for sorting of categories and filter options and choose the best ones for your business.



  6. Product Sorting

    Sell more by creating all the comfortable conditions for your customers without burning the candle at both ends. Offers some special sorting methods that can be applied for products.

     Undoubtedly, you have dozens of awesome products on your page, but sometimes customers are interested just in a specific type or group of items. What is the fastest way to have a look at the desired stuff? Of course, sorting.  This module is exactly the tool that gives customers a hand in the most diverse sorting just in a few clicks. 

    With Product Sorting for Magento 2 extension, you can offer your customers more pleasurable shopping by providing them with the ability to find interesting products for themselves in the blink of an eye by sorting goods by interesting sorting methods like bestsellers by price/quantity/..., special price, sales, and lots more. With this extension, you can effortlessly customize diverse sorting methods, allow individual sorting, configure the default sorting methods, configure bestsellers settings and do lots more to boost your sales by building a comfortable shopping environment for your customers.
  7. Face ID

    Engage more customers with this Magento 2 module for face authorization!

    This module can help to boost your sales since its functionality perfectly suits the needs of merchants who take care of their customers. Start using cutting-edge technologies right now. Secure shopping has never been easier - learning all the credentials by heart is in the past. Now your clients just need to relax and wait for a second while their camera takes a snapshot during the authorization process.

  8. Price Alert - Stock Alert

    Buy low, sell high by keeping your customers updated about price drops, and ‘in stock again’ products. 

    Let your customers immediately know when their favorite products are in stock again or when the price has been reduced. Configure reminders just in a few clicks by providing all the necessary data such as allowed hours to send alerts, antispam amount of reminders per hour, decide upon the layout and finish with the email settings so that email reminders you send are the most profitable ever.


8 Items

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